Y.M.C x Ordinary Fit Womans Dark Denim

You Must Create teams up with Japanese Jean Gawds Ordinary fit for what I would say is a new cool cut for women. Made up of thee finest Japanese denim, with slight subtle paint accents. Even though I’m a fan of a great ass, I kinda love the cut go these even though they don’t display ass and shit.  Available At their online store. More … Continue reading Y.M.C x Ordinary Fit Womans Dark Denim

Never Forget: Major Figgas

Before Philadelphia had State Property, there was a super group that taught us how to hustle, how to dress, what to drive, and basically how a thurl nigga should carry themselves. In the late 90’s this group was better than Wu- Tang to me cuh. Don’t get me wrong the Wu was ill as shit but Major Figgas talked that life we as young kids strive … Continue reading Never Forget: Major Figgas