Never Forget: Major Figgas


Before Philadelphia had State Property, there was a super group that taught us how to hustle, how to dress, what to drive, and basically how a thurl nigga should carry themselves. In the late 90’s this group was better than Wu- Tang to me cuh. Don’t get me wrong the Wu was ill as shit but Major Figgas talked that life we as young kids strive for. Wearing Iceberg, driving the Benz wagon and pulling up bagging the flyest gold digger in the venue. All hailing from North Philadelphia (Erie Ave to be exact), this group exemplified what you could do with strength loyalty. We first heard the group on Cosmic Kev’s Best Of Beanie Sigel Mixtape. Which they kinda let the world know they was here to school the youth to some new shit.

Maaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn when I heard them go over Cool Breeze’s “Watch for The Hook” instrumental I needed more. Fast forward to their first mixtape “MF2001″ , the flossing and street tales got more realer. When I heard Spade rap ” I done screamed on wax in Moschino slacks” I deadass had my muva go get me two pair of the Moschino pants. Then came with Major figgas merch. My man Ant came through the hallways of high school  with the black and white MF hoodie, before the internet he broke the hallways cuh. in every single persons diskman all you heard was that first mixtape. Now you might be thinking how all these people in one group fit on one song. The mixtape was on some new shit we never seen till this time. You see most artist in the group were solo except Spade&Dutch so everybody got they shine on their first release.


Mind you the first Figgas  tape came out in the winter, thennnnnnnn the summer pops off and what do they do?  Drop another tape called MF2001 and that shit was fire. You might can say they were one of the first to make music in an abundance. That summer sealed the deal that they were the hottest in the city. Labels started to take notice of the collective. It was a rumor that they were suppose to  join Beans at Roc-a-fella, but the deal wasn’t to their liking.  They ended up going with Philly based Ruffnation.


Before they would release their major debut  they would close out 1999 with one more mixtape. Figgas 4 Life was the first time the crew rapped over all original beats, which garnered a hit that would make them a household name on the radio. “Yeah Thats Us” was a real flossy cut with a poppy beat that made it a for sure thing on radio. The tape also had a song called “I Love Being A Gangsta”, which is a personal favorite. Song  bought the best out of Spade, Bump J, and Gillie. The whole tape had the city ready for the Debut Album.

Now every good thing must come to an end at some point and time, and I think their debut album was it. IT WAS THE SAME GADAMN MUSIC THAT WAS ON THE PREVIOUS MIXTAPE.  I never understood that shit.  Spade&Dutch had a deal at Entertainment, Gill  had a solo deal at Suave House, and everyone else was just out here dropping solo tapes.Before we would see the end of the Figgas, we would see them come together to battle the other ill crew in Philly State Property. That battle turned out to be real beef, which landed Spade in jail for killing an affiliate of State Property. To conclude never forget what impact these guys had on the city of Philadelphia and the music scene. If you rapping it is probably because of them and you don’t even know it.






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