2019 Aston Martin DBX

01-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1 (1).jpg

Earlier this week Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, set to separate the sports car powerhouse from the rest. “We seek to position ourselves as the automotive equivalent of Hermes, not as the counterpart of Ferrari.”  said Andy. Honestly always thought Astons were more so a luxury care than a sports car. As we head further and further into the future, the brand transforms into a luxury car with exceptional performance. The perfect example is the DBX. It certainly compliments the rest of the DB series. The two door coupes interior makes you not even really want to sit in it, shit to smooth. More pics below.03-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg08-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg07-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg09-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg13-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg02-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg14-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg15-aston-martin-dbx-monterey-1.jpg


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